Devon and Kendra Bridges of BRIDGES TRAINING STABLE provide personally tailored programs for dedicated riders and their horses, specializing in showing Hunters and Jumpers from the County Level through A Circuit Shows.

The Story of Devon & Kendra Bridges
And how they became

Kendra and Dev BlenheimDevon Bridges grew up in the Industry, to become co-owner of Bridges Equestrian, Inc. with founder and mother Ruthanna Bridges (founded 1981). From an early age, Devon exhibited enormous talent as a rider, and his dynamic personality coupled with an innate understanding of horse and rider bio-mechanics made him a popular instructor and trainer for over a decade. Devon rode, trained, showed and imported Irish Sport Horses alongside his Mom in the family business through high school and college (2007).

Devon then spent the two years in Europe, riding, training and showing (2010). While in Europe, Devon achieved many championships, including both Indoor and Outdoor titles in Uterecht, Netherlands, and built the network of contacts he would later use to import quality Western European horses. Upon return (2010), he earned a degree in Business, and took the reins once again of the Bridges Equestrian Show Team.

In 2015, Devon was offered the position of Trainer and Manager of a private start-up facility 7CD70E61-0245-4EBD-AE67-E981CC9AB001specializing in high end show jumping horses. Within a year, Devon would be showing and winning in both the Young Horse Arena and Grand Prix Arena, on horses he found, bought, trained and rode for the new enterprise, with over $30,000 in winnings in just 6 months!

But that wouldn’t be the biggest win for Devon in 2015. His greatest win would be his marriage to Kendra Holthaus in August of 2015.

Kendra Holthaus-Bridges started her riding career in Las Vegas, Nevada, dominating the local show circuit as Champion or Reserve Champion every year of her young show career. It was during this time that she showed in So. Cal, where she would develop her love of the area. After a year at CSU (where she even participated on the Polo Team!) she realized her dream of showing and training was out there in the arena, not in the classroom, so she ventured out into the horse show world. She took positions as a working student, showing throughout the Midwest in Large Juniors and Maclay divisions. From there she would accept her first professional position in Wellington, Florida, showing and training, and eventually returning home to Las Vegas to establish the Las Vegas Riding Academy and Show Team.

IMG_7536Kendra took control of the Bridges Equestrian Riding School in 2012, bringing with her not only great talent, but amazing energy, grace, enthusiasm and a sincere love of kids and anything horses. She worked tirelessly to build and polish the Riding School, and quickly began to build a following of young riders herself. It was only a short time before she caught the eye, and subsequently the heart, of owner Devon.

Through Devon’s tenure in the Grand Prix arena, Devon and Kendra would continue working together when they could, overseeing the Bridges Equestrian Riding Academy and building their Bridges Equestrian Show Team.  Devon’s position with the private facility meant weeks away showing, and they soon realized they wanted something more.  In their hearts they wanted to build their future together not only personally, but professionally. In January of 2016, they took the already thriving Full training program of Bridges Equestrian, and formed Bridges Training Stable, Inc.  In November of 2016, Devon left the show arena to come home and build that future as Bridges Training Stable alongside his soul-mate Kendra.

Together, Devon and Kendra “Bridge” all aspects of the Hunter and Jumper world. Kendra brings her bright light, enthusiasm and that special gift of building young riders and encouraging the best of what is inside of them. Devon brings his impeccable skill with horses, showing and business, along with a second-generation lifetime of involvement in the Industry in Orange County and Europe.